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Sharpe's Haven is a faith-based transitional recovery organization for women. The organization  provides a transitional housing program in a drug and alcohol free environment for such women for up to two years. The Organization also assists participants in reuniting with their children, as (90%) of the participants have lost custody of their children.

Most women are facing complicated challenges such as chronic unemployment homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness.

The American institutes for research found that 93 percent of mothers facing homelessness have a history of trauma, and approximately half met the diagnostic criteria for post- traumatic stress disorder. It is important that we as an organization recognize and respond to these needs.

Initially each resident entering our program has been screened and intake interview is given. Each resident must sign an agreement that they will abide by Sharpe's Havens rules and regulations. Each woman must be willing to work their recovery and an independent living, Sharpe's Haven provides up to 2 years for them to have time to financially be ready.

Not all the women that have been in our program need that long to recover and just need a helping hand.

We have a system that keeps the women accountable; on a weekly basis they must provide a daily schedule; if they unemployed, they must be seeking  employment. They must provide documentation of jobs applied for or interviews. Internet  access is available to applications are online.  Each resident is required to attend counseling sessions depending on the type of abuse they are recovering from; if drug or alcohol, they are assigned to a drug treatment center until no longer required based on the diagnosis of the treatment  center. If their abuse is domestic violence, they are continuing counseling and training with a domestic violence center.  If the resident has  a past drug or alcohol abuse they, must attend at least 3 NA or AA meetings a week.  Each resident has assigned chores to help keep the house clean.
Sharpe's Haven is a drug free environment therefore random drug tests are given.

Many of the participants are recovering addicts that have been clean for several months, but have found themselves in a homeless situation and have lost custody of their children. The Organization assists the women moving from dependent to independent, self-sufficient lifestyles and places the women in a supportive, safe and structured environment during this transition period.

Additional services: 

  • A discipleship program dedicated to social and physical rehabilitation as well as the spiritual regeneration of individuals who are in the need of assistance.
  • Training and assistance in applying for and obtaining state benefits, medical care, food and clothing.
  • Development of family decision-making skills, Job readiness through job training program, job search, resume writing.
  • Training for selecting banking options and developing future financial independence, provided by local bank institutions.
  • Women's wellness workshops that address areas such as health, parenting, nutrition, employment, and credit counseling.


"Thanks to Sharpe’s Haven……Since I have been living at Sharpe’s Haven for the past year, I have had many positive changes in my life.I was on probation I had nowhere to go when I left the treatment for my drug dependence.
I am now driving my own car to a job that I have kept for a year and a half and I successfully completed my probation.
I have found a church that I really enjoy attending. I have seen many women come and go, but they are always better off when they leave.I am very grateful to Dawn and Clifford Sharpe for making this all possible. I hope to find my own apartment with Dawn’s help in the future, and I hope to be able to get a dog to love once again, I also plan on coming back for those awesome fish fries.
- Kim Nasworthy."