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"Part of Recovery is the willingness to change and to do so"

Our Mission

To Offer displaced women a program within a caring Christian environment,  with an objective to redirect women from homelessness and hopelessness, to self-sufficiency.

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Sharpe’s Haven Inc. 5508 N 50th Street Tampa, FL, 33610 Please contact: Dawn Sharpe for additional information Phone: 813-943-2256


Hours of Operation: 24/7

Service Area: Tampa 


Sharpe's Haven Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit, Faith based charitable organization. Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of women leaving the prison system, drug treatment facilities or domestic violence abuse shelters. Donations are used to support our residential program, daily operational needs, and are tax deductible.
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"My first experience in 2009 with Sharpe’s Haven saved my life. After years of cocaine and alcohol abuse, I overdosed and was admitted. My parents did not know where to turn, they were referred to Sharpe’s Haven.

That was the beginning of my life change. My daughter although still living in Michigan with her Father was able to come visit. After a year I felt I was ready to independently move out on my own, but I’ll really was not ready, by then my Father had passed away and I did not dealt well with that loss in my life, and turned to a relationship that led me back to making the wrong choices.

In 2014 my mother passed and after leaving a relationship of physical abuse, my life had hit rock bottom, I had nowhere to go after sleeping on my sister’s couch. I called Ms. Sharpe she said I would have to be sober to come back into the program. When I told my daughter I was returning to Sharpe’s Haven she cried because she knew I was going to be safe again. My mother who had also passed away recently would have been pleased that I was returning to Sharpe’s haven for help, because it had a special place in her heart because she and Ms. Sharpe stayed in contact though the years. My mother new Ms. Sharpe only wanted the best for me and the girls at Sharpe’s Haven.In Oct 2016 I finally graduated from the program at Sharpe’s Haven and able to move back to Michigan and be a part of my daughter’s life as she prepares to go to college and be a part of that process. Without the structure of Sharpe’s Haven I don’t know where I would be, Thank you for saving my life!



Ten Step Program

Personal Development Planning:

Vocational Development
Substance Abuse Prevention
Interpersonal Skill Development
Spiritual Development
Community Involvement
Creative Leisure Activities and Celebration
Independent living Preparation and follow-up
Job Readiness
Job Search Placement

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"Dear Ms. Dawn,
In Regards to Sharpes Haven Transitional Housing program, It does my heart much gratitude to have been given an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program. I've been inspired to one day actually open a transitional house for women in recovery, so that they can become productive & responsible members of society again. I can't begin to thank you enough for giving me a chance to be a responsible person in this program as your house manager.This has been an unbelievable journey that I've been through in this process of recovery. I've learned many spiritual principles and to keep God in my life.
I entered Sharpe's Haven with so many issues and uncertainties one thing I can say that I never felt judged or lesser than, because of my past. Now it's come the time to make another transition in my life where I can learn to be an independent member of this society, again I’m very grateful to have got the opportunity like this and to have got to know you.I thank for very much for everything and the impact this experience has had on my life.
- Lillyan Hall"

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